Well, Spring has finally sprung (at least for us here in New York City!) And I know everyone — myself included — is starting to get that warm weather travel bug. The most important facet of the back pack is its cleanness, no weird branding, only black and the chosen colour. Made of layers of cut-resistant materials like 300D polyester, 600D polyester and 6mm anti-shock foam, pickpockets will also find it hard to slit through the Bobby using a penknife.

The straps look really solid just like the handle, and after three weeks of working with the backpack 5 days a week at school I can guarantee you that you will not regret purchasing this backpack for the straps. Apart from being the most secure backpack it’s also the the most convenient backpack with features like: an integrated USB charging interface, weight balance, water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap. It hugged my back so closely that I didn’t feel the strain even while lugging two notebooks, a Xiaomi 20,000mAh electricity lender, a compact camera and other accessories. The straps make loose really simple when you put some force on  these and while you generally do not notice this, in case you’re attempting to maneuver quickly you’ll notice the back moving down on Your back. Cost and Where to Buy the Bobby: The Bobby can be obtained on FirstShotz by XD Design for $106.

Following a month or so of usage, while I’m writing the last few sentences of the review, I could clearly say that this is the best backpack I’ve ever had. I don’t think there is a specific group of individuals who should buy this back pack, and that is great, because personally I would not mind seeing this backpack in use far more by others.

Next is that the fabric used on both sides of the back and on the straps, that feels really soft and smooth. The USB port embedded within the backpack is sprayed on using a special water repellent coating. The front of the backpack is constructed from a black re-used PU fabric, and includes a reflective line on it around the bottom. Additionally, the Bobby has a water repellent coating so you do not need to fret about splashes. The anti-cut fabric is a good attribute, and for people who bike a lot, the reflectors on the backpack would be the perfect   night safety addition.

It is a really compact backpack and I found myself having to forgo some items, including an umbrella and additional power lender, that I usually carry in my bigger backpack. The front and bottom are made from a re-used PU substance, which is water-repellent just enjoy the substances used on the remaining part of the backpack. Although the scales read 950g, the Bobby felt milder than that when I had been carrying it out.

I thought the Eastpak backpack had a great set of zippers, and it will, but this takes the biscuit. This backpack should only be taken with you to operate with a Laptop, a few pencils and a laptop perhaps. You will have the ability to purchase the XD-Design Bobby back pack out of their official website for only #74.95 to some limited amount of countries. The only downer is the comparatively modest size of this Bobby – 45cm tall and 30cm wide. As I said at the start of the review I have used the backpack for a single month, if not more than a month. The price is slightly bit more costly than a standard travel back pack, but  with all of its unique features, it’s fair. This isn’t the normal use case for a back pack similar to this, and that needs to be noted. Beginning this review of this XD-Design Bobby Backpack, ” I didn’t know whether I’d like it or not.

The materials used in the backpack unfortunately don’t permit you to wash off the bag in the washing machine. There’s one big downside to the backpack, however, and you’ll see this if you attempt to run with this back bobby backpack on. I said attempt as it’s almost impossible to conduct with this washer. Besides that the backpack is water-repellent, do note that this doesn’t indicate that it is waterproof.

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